I Am The Yeti

by A Bad Night For A Hero

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1-16: Disc 1
17-30: Disc 2



released February 14, 2014

All songs written and composed by C.J. Hackett, except "Confection", lyrics written by Sarah Mabry and C.J. Hackett. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Aaron Mayfield and C.J. Hackett.
Album cover created by C.J. Hackett. Interior art/photos created by Jason Montoya, Sarah Menzel, Lizi Gray, and C.J. Hackett. "Tin Cans" music video by Hannah Kristine Holst. Backing vocals by Lauren Dominick on "Beautiful Monster", Brandon Arnold on "Rewound and Rebound", Colin Bovberg on "Buses", and Lizi Gray on "Ice Cream Date".

Bonus Disc Credits: Peach White (KPC Remix) composed by Evan Fondrick, Beautiful Monster (Aaaronn Edit) and Peach White (Aaaronn Remix) composed by Aaron Mayfield, Buses (Agito Remix) composed by Elijah Petty, "Chillaxasax" written and sung by Aubrey Foster, music composed by C.J. Hackett. "Wanted To Do You" written and composed by Aaron Mayfield and C.J. Hackett. "Petunia" and "Tin Cans" recorded by and performed at Sunshine Studios Live, bass & backing vocals by Brandon Arnold, drums by Colin Bovberg, guitar and vocals by C.J. Hackett



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Track Name: Beautiful Monster
I'm a beautiful princess and you're nothing but a monster
A beautiful monster
Track Name: I Am The Yeti
They wanna know where do I go
Cuz' they've been knocking but nobody is home
The papparazzi the scientists
The naked photos the experiments
Because I am the monster I am the yeti
Stuck in a cave
No don't try to find me
Hey Bigfoot
Yeah how you doing? You're such a slut
Oh who you foolin? And how am I? Guess I'm okay
I ate some locals the other day
And I met a girl right at the bar
She asked if I had got a car
I told her no but this should do
I've got a cave with a mountain view
I am the monster I am the yeti
Stuck in a cave no don't try to find me
I am the monster seen me on TV
Y'all know my face but nobody knows me
I am the monster I am the yeti
Stalk me on facebook but you don't really know me
I am the monster I am the yeti
Don't playa hate just because you can't be me
Track Name: Dear Envy and Depression
Dear Envy sincerely vanity
I doubt you'll hear a single word
But you would look so much sweeter if you would bleed a little more
And you would look much better with a light in your mouth
You would look much better
Dear Depression cruel invention
You shouldn't use the telegraph for honest thoughts or what you're feeling
But you've always been good for a laugh
And you would look much better with a gun in your mouth
You would look much better
Dear Envy And Depression I hope you have learned your lesson
I was born with better weapons
Track Name: Never Ever
You didn't notice her breathing? Well she's not breathing at all
She's not answering the door now
She's not returning your calls
Because she's never ever coming back
They say she died of
She died of a heart attack because you told her
You told her you want it back today
She didn't notice you sneaking but you've been sneaking around
She used her words to support you but you only wanted her mouth
Track Name: The Floor
I put our conversation down and laid my body on the ground and it's ridiculous to say "I think I'd like to die today"
I'll say it anyway
You know the ceiling has never looked so good and I don't think I'm dealing with this the way that I should
It's not as easy as it should be getting myself off the floor
And I want feeling I want real meaning but I can't seem to reach the door
I have recently discovered if I roll over and over the floor will keep me warm
And I have just realized you only have to shut your eyes to see whatever you want
There's always someone better for you to do
I'd like to be that someone but you know that I won't move
No these threats are not promises but they scare me just the same
It's a cry for my own attention and isn't it a shame cuz I'm not listening
You know you know my brain is tuned to a different station that plays
We are not friends and we are not lovers we are not like sister and brother
You're just some chick I know with paper hearts instead of her own
No we are not friends and we are not lovers
We are friendly neighborhood muggers and I am just a guy who always hangs his head from the sky
Track Name: Rewound and Rebound
Once I was a WAV converted MP3
I'm more popular by far but lower quality
You are a BETA I am VHS
I've been going round for years but damn my insides are a mess
Replaced by DVD ejected from your VCR
My life is winding down (the tape is) and yours is still spinning round and round
I'm rewound and rebound
Track Name: Buses
This city these people they're all made of paper
Flimsy and blank but they're full of their staples
This city this bus where I happened to meet her
The redheaded Raven with pallid demeanor
My neck's getting stiff as I try not to look but you've already noticed you already know
I wasn't inclined till you made me some room
Ravent meet Yeti
It's so nice to meet you
And I'm trying too hard to prove to myself
That I could get to know her
You take the 7 or 8 to the 25 if you want to stay alive
No you cannot be late
No you can't hesitate
This is not the time for procrastination and I wanna see you tonight
These transit romances no they never happen
I'm easy to read I'm easy to fasten onto your side
I could cling to your thighs
Or get down on my knees though I don't really mean to
The Yeti strikes again
I wanna punch his lights in
You take the 7 or 8 to the 25 if you want to stay alive
No you cannot be late
No you can't hesitate
This is not the time for procrastination and I wanna see you tonight
I spent three days straight trying to prove to myself that there was nothing wrong with me save for the pills on my shelf
I spent three days straight trying to figure you out
I killed my confidence with every word I spit out
I spent three days straight and at the end of it all
I was a creep for having spoken but I'm singing this song
And I'm wondering which bus will take me over a cliff
But there's a route that I could take to get to Colin's apartment
You take the 7 or 8 to the 25 if you want to stay alive
No you cannot be late / no you can't hesitate
This is not the time for procrastination and I wanna see you tonight
You take the 7 or 8 to the 25 if you want to stay alive
No you cannot be late
No you can't hesitate / this is not the time for masturbation or girls
Good luck with that one
Track Name: Confection
Oh if I could taste you would you be sweet like confection?
If I could see you now
Yeah take a look at perfection
When you smile at me I think I feel a connection
But you know me / I find it hard to mention to you
I'd like to get it out cuz you're pure like confession
I've got it out of my lungs
I think I've learned a good lesson
I need some patience but not motivation when it comes to you
We spend our time awake overthinking our mistakes
Every high every low
Where have we been they'll never know
But when we come back again they'll say their prayers then say "amen"
And hold us tight and not let go
Where have we been? They'll never know
Track Name: Petunia
Petunia had a hole in her belly
And she filled it up with anger and bad things
And those seeds began to grow but she walked on and let it go
Now Petunia's got a feel for the lonely / the voices in her head keep her company
In the dirt there's little hope and those roots are hard to kill
And every smile that she shares is delicious but Petunia's got her thorns
You know that girl is pretty viscious
Oh Petunia how the hell does your garden grow?I'd like to say but I don't think that I really know
Is it the people that you meet? Is it the people on the street? Is it the people inside your head? Is it the people all about? Is it the people in your house? Is it the people inside your bed? Oh no I think that I would like to meet you there
Now Petunia yeah she already knows
That her leaves are not going to go
"It's not that we don't want you to grow but we're cutting down your chlorophyll"
Now the cracks are just beginning to show
Nearly drowned in what the dirt couldn't soak
Now she's wilting in the sun and she's stuck up on a window sill
She says "Fill me up, buttercup. Fill me up, delicious"
But there's a price we have to pay for all my pretty little kisses
Oh Petunia
How the hell does your garden grow?
Track Name: Titles & Cue Cards
So as our silent film begins I've lost my Titles and Cue Cards
Wish I was Charlie Chaplin but I'm crude and I'm awkward
But you're the kind of girl a lot of actors would kill for
You've been in better films but you just might enjoy this one
I watched you tread into the street/there were no Titles and Cue Cards
I had to make my move to beat the tide of the traffic
You made it to the other side/before I could reach you
And the Silent Film Director He is silently laughing at me
At me
I tried to tell you how I felt but lack the Titles and Cue Cards
You're everything I've wanted but my heart is a coward
You're like the breath of air
The one that keeps me from drowning I'd like to hold it in
But now my lungs are collapsing
In your tears
In your tears
But I'm still here
I'm still here
Track Name: 22
And as she blew out the candles on her birthday cake
Making the wishes that little girls make
I realized that I had wasted so many on you
And as I waited for my piece holding a paper plate
Still I only wish I could see your face
But wishes don't come true when you're 22
And I have thought about this force of habit that makes me chase you like a rabbit down your hole
In the dark where no one knows
I can't tell if I'm digging deeper or coming up for air
I've been 22 for 19 hours and you're the only one who doesn't seem to care
Blowing out all the candles on my mental birthday cake
You're blowing out your own candles
Our wishes are never the same
Track Name: Gutfludge
Once there was a bed we used to lay in
Smiles and eyes
Skin touching skin
I know you want you love you so bad
You're the best I'll ever have
Once there was a bed you took me in
A split in my neck I'm barely breathing
I know you're trying
While you hold me in and out of dreams of you
I guess I loved you more than I could say
I guess I'm sorry I chased our love away
I guess I'm sorry for the things I should have said
I guess I'm sorry for everything
Once there was a boy I used to be
Who thought he'd be dead before his 17th
It's true I'm blue but I'm okay with the fact
Love's true for few
I'll have to live without it
Once there was a girl she used to love me
Before all her drugs before my drinking
Before my drinking
There's a heart and a birthstone on her finger
All these memories will linger
It's okay
Yeah how do you figure? It's all part of a bigger picture
I can't see more than what's in front of me
I can't see you
The thoughts behind me
Track Name: Peach White
I've been wondering how you are
Should I call? No that's too hard
Not for you but me
Not for you but me
Peach White all night
I'm not feeling all right
I've been thinking all night
How to make this all right
Wish upon a shooting star
Fall on me? No that's too far
But you crush me and for you I'll bleed
I'll bleed
Peach White all night
I'm not feeling alright
I've been thinking all night
How to make this all right
She's not coming back again
Another beast will take her in
I feel black holes are opening
And now my chest is caving in
Well I was drunk or hungover
Mostly hunched over
Texting you from the back of that car
I can't remember what I said but I was hoping to offend
After all between us what's a few more scars?
I wanted to hurt you the way you had hurt me
Sweet at first but sour all too soon
And everything came back to me
Your text had me stuttering
[You've done fucked up things to me too]
I wanted you more than I could prove
Yes I wanted you more than I could stand to lose
And yet here I stand again and I'll take it how it ends
No more push me/pull you ins
No more Envy and Depression
Peach White all night
I'm not feeling alright
I've been thinking all night
How to make this all right
She's not coming back again
You know what? I'm cool with that
I can feel my heartbeat coming back
It's not for you
It's for me
Track Name: Ice Cream Date
And I swallowed my pride for the very last time
It's pretty cold in here why don't we take it outside?
And you smile so wide and you smile so bright
I'm seeing colors again from cement to sky
I think of buildings built and all the time that's gone by
There's good in all these things
A sugary high
Who's to say Saves the Day didn't save my mind?
Who's to say Emily didn't save my life?
And who's to say I couldn't save this for a better line?
And who's to say that it was not love at the time?
Not love at the time
Was it love at the time?
Won't you say? Won't you Say?
Or will you make me wait?
So won't you say? Please just say?)
Or will you make me wait?
So I'll just say that I'm okay
The time with you was great
So let's just say that we had a good ice cream date
Track Name: Alicia
I was talking to a friend about my crippling depression
The answer to my problems was not suicide or masturbation
My soul wasn't dead just dry from mental dehydration
I just need some time I need some space for proper acclimation
Alicia was a girl but more than that she was my very best friend
I told her I loved her but I'd never talk to her again
And from the text she sent her ex
I'm sure she's got a brand new man
But I'm not desperate for other girls I've got a better plan
I'm moving on /
There's more to life than writing stupid love songs
There's more to life than righting all your wrongs